Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)

We've been on a role with "boy movies" as of late, and we've got the King of them all! We talk about our history with monster movies, why this movie w...View Details

Frankie Frain joins the gang to discuss a movie that James has been chomping at the bit for, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! The gang talks about the sh...View Details

Zack Snyder made a movie, and then people quite literally rioted, so HBO Max released a 4 hour version of that movie. The Movie Marathon gang got toge...View Details

Be sure to wish our very own, Olivia, a happy birthday! For her birthday sode, we dive deep into a DCOM classic, Cheetah Girls 2! We talk about baller...View Details

Olivia and James are back with more stories of love and the single life, like seeing your ex as a sponsored post, building your empire and so much mor...View Details

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